What it looks like and when it’s coming

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to arrive in September 2023 with curved titanium sides, an updated camera system, and a Thunderbolt USB-C port. Here’s what to expect.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max in deep red

Initial rumors surrounding the iPhone 15 began in the middle of 2022 and have remained more realistic than early iPhone 14 rumors by comparison. Subtle changes to case designs, a new port, and other updates fit Apple’s usual update cycle.

The standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will have a much more muted set of updates, like adding the Dynamic Island and USB-C. This post will focus on the biggest pro model we expect will be called iPhone 15 Pro Max.

A note about iPhone naming

At first, a rumor shared by Mark Gurman suggested Apple could shift the name to iPhone 15 Ultra — a tool to further differentiate the larger pro phone from the smaller. He later changed this prediction, suggesting the “Ultra” name would hold off until the iPhone 16 series and be placed at a tier above “Pro Max.”

Naming is important to Apple, as it conveys where a product exists in the lineup without too much guesswork. As Gurman said, “Ultra” would imply a new device category, and while the rumored new design and feature changes are significant, they wouldn’t push the product into a new premium category.

No details were provided about this potential iPhone 16 Ultra. It could have an even bigger display and a faster top-end A18 processor to stand above the other iPhones.

iPhone 14 Pro Max (left) could be replaced by iPhone 15 Ultra (right)

Product names are rarely leaked, if ever. Only time will tell what Apple’s naming strategy will be. We’re focused on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and everything rumored about it for this piece.

Expected iPhone 15 Pro Max design – titanium and curves

Apple tends to find a design it likes and stick with it for several years. The current flat-sided design debuted with the iPhone 12, and very little has changed since.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to be yet another iteration of the existing design, though the slight change could be striking. The bottom edge of the metal frame is rumored to curve into the glass back for a more uniform, smooth design.

The metal…