What to do when your Mac needs repairing

If there’s one word to describe Macs, it’s durability. These computers are among the best-built machines around. In time, however, even the best Macs can experience a hardware issue that means your Mac needs repairing even the recently introduced 24-inch iMac.

Apple makes it very difficult for the average user to repair its devices. Therefore, when the time comes to replace a battery, hard drive, display, or something else best described as hardware, you’re going to have to look for some assistance. What you do at the onset of a technical problem depends on your technical skills, the age of the computer, and whether the machine is under warranty.

Identify the problem

When your Mac needs repairing, it’s important to know that a lot can go wrong with a computer, although some problems are easier to determine than others. Luckily, hardware issues are generally easier to decipher than those caused by software.

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A broken Mac display, for example, is either cracked or doesn’t work anymore, just like a non-functional hard drive means it’s impossible to boot into macOS, or a MacBook Pro doesn’t work within being attached to a power cord.

Whatever the issue, be sure to identify it properly before getting a third party involved. Especially during this never-ending pandemic when being face-to-face with a technician isn’t guaranteed, it’s important to take a deep breath, take stock in the issue at hand, then move forward.


For hardware problems that are a bit more difficult to describe, it’s best to hop on the web (if you can) and see if others have experienced the same issue. It’s been my experience that hardware problems more in a gray area are, in fact, software problems with a software solution. Even if you aren’t comfortable implementing the software solution in these scenarios, you can take this information to others to resolve the issue.

A good place to start is through the Apple Support forums where you can communicate with experts. If you’re in a hurry, it’s worth your time to do a Google Search as well.

How old is the machine?

Macs are intended to last a long time. Eventually, however, they’re no longer current…