What to expect from Apple’s WWDC 2023


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Apple’s big developer conference kicks off June 5th, and all the signs point to the company’s mixed reality headset making its first appearance. The tech giant has been for years, and if the rumors are true, Apple’s stand-alone device (possibly called Reality Pro) may be more powerful than the Meta Quest Pro and many other high-end headsets. It could pack 4K resolution per eye, with full body-motion tracking. It may require an external battery pack and last for just two hours on a charge, but it would be relatively light and slim.

It will also likely land with a new platform (maybe called xrOS) designed with mixed reality in mind. Instead of controllers, you’d use hand gestures, gaze detection and voice commands to navigate. It sounds like Apple is approaching the cutting-edge of mixed reality, but that comes at a cost: Rumors suggest this first model could cost around $3,000. That’s three times the price of Meta’s Quest Pro.

We’re also expecting to see a new 15-inch addition to the MacBook Air series with M2 power, as well as the first look at iOS 17 and MacOS 14. We’re heading to the conference to report on everything next week.

– Mat Smith

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