What Will Apple Announce At Tuesday’s Big Event? New iMac, iPad Pro, iOS Predictions


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Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event starts at 10am Pacific this Tuesday, 20th April. The last few years has seen the traditional consumer event in the top half of the year move around a fair amount, let alone the impact that the Coronavirus pandemic brought to not just Apple but the entire consumer electronics industry.

In one sense ‘Spring Loaded’ will be a return to normality for Tim Cook and his team, getting the release schedules back into order. But in another sense the impact of 2020 is going to take more than one keynote to shake out. From chip shortages and disrupted supply lines, to macro changes to the economy and the rise of the work from home movement, the puck has moved to a new location. Is Apple still on target?

‘Spring Loaded’ will be our first indiction. So what can we expect to see?

iPad Pro And iPad Mini

The March event has always been the domain of the iPad family. Given last year’s update to the iPad Pro line was very much an iterative update to keep pace with expectations, Apple is expected to push the boat out a little bit more with this year’s release.

Two big changes to watch out for will be in the screen, and the Apple Pencil. Regarding the latter, the talk around an update to the Apple Pencil lines up with both the artistic sweep of the Apple Logo in the event logo, and the caption of spring forward bringing to mind the idea of a movable nib; as seen in competing products. As for the former, the larger 12.9 inch iPad Pro may be the first iPadOS tablet to use the new Mini LED panel, offering a more vibrant colour range alongside deeper blacks than the current screens.

The iPad Mini is very much due for an update. The 2019 release was the first since 2015 for the diminutive tablet. The screen may be the focus here, not because of the material but the…