What’s an Apple computer mainly used for compared to most other brands?

Apple Computer Tech niiiiiikkiiiiiii asked:

I’m looking to buy a laptop but i have NO idea where to even begin. I’m not very tech saavy at all…. i don’t really understand what the difference between an apple and say.. an hp computer is. Some people have told me that apples can’t contract viruses but they’re also meant for artsy people because they have a lot of music/art applications…

what would you suggest I opt for? I want something good quality that will last, even though I know that computers aren’t necessarily built for quality and endurance these days.


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  1. dickersonchick says:

    An Apple can do anything a PC can do, but it does it with alot less frustration. Currently you don’t have to worry about viruses or spyware, but that could change as they gain more marketshare. I switched to a Apple 4 years ago and love it, I’ll never go back to Windows.

  2. Sadie S says:

    Apple has great computers but they are exspensive because they have more power than the ave user may need. buying an hp is cheaper but not as powerfull unless you tell them to add better hardware. MACs can get viruses. but there is more viruses for Windows becasue it is such a huge OS.

    go to dell and make a xps laptop with 3GB of RAM a hard drive of your choice and 256mb video card. and get anti virus. if you have any more questions contact me at

  3. Jared T says:

    I see this question ALOT. Windows based systems have a whole range of programs that are compatible with it and therefore its the best for people that want to use diverse and independent programs for whatever he or she desires, but Windows is also what most harmful viruses are coded for. Macs are for people with $ that just want to have applications that work flawlessly and a computer that doesn’t need maintained while remaining stable. Macs also have great audio and video editing capabilities and are resistant to viruses and other malicious code. That’s my two cents.

  4. mac_fixit says:

    Macs are used for general computing, graphic design, web development, music production, video editing, software development, science, engineering, spreadsheets etc

    Guide to Mac Leopard here

    The MacBook also has the multi touch mouse pad

    Macs run Microsoft Office:mac
    iWork08 from Apple which works with MS office

    All Macs can also run Windows.

    Or you can download OpenOffice3.0 which is native to Mac and FREE
    – it works with MS Office too.

    All Macs come with iLife08

    PhotoBooth and Garage Band and Safari web browser.
    There is also HEAPs of FREE stuff for Mac

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