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  1. deadbeat one says:

    If I was there is will Correct you when you’re talking about the speakers in the motherboard ha ha Ha

  2. Jay Littlefeather says:

    I love the videos and have been long time sub, however i hated that you did his to HomePod. It just seemed so silly to do so. Weird as other tear downs i have loved. Keep up the great jobs guys.

  3. Cloe Chai says:

    Comments that say they are dumb or wasteful that is not true. They do it for us. Just love the channel

  4. deans6571 says:

    …shouldn’t you at least have unplugged the speaker from the mains in case you electrocuted yourselves whilst trying to get inside it?!!

  5. tekis0 says:

    Okay, this is my first time on this channel. But let me say that I'm not a fan. They just destroyed a perfectly good active speaker. Furthermore, the man banged on it with a hatchet just a foot from his son's head. This type of stuff is indicitive of society today. 50 years ago no one would do something like this. Sigh. Oh, the little pods are called, "tweeters."

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