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  1. Alton Bertie says:

    audible needs an Apple Watch app. Yes I know it can be controlled via the watch but I want to be able to start an audiobook without taking out my iPhone.

  2. Steve Gaenss says:

    I'm totally missing my Apple Watch too… Had to bring it in for a repair and already about 10 minutes later, something was missing… :/

  3. Drew Devall says:

    I commented on one of your old videos a while back and said something about how to turn it on list view. I watched this and when you started talking about it, I got so excited. But then I went back and watched it and you said you learned about it while making the video. Dang it! I thought you actually read my comment. Oh well. I tried

  4. Killian Crausaz says:

    Apple is a bit like people in California… mostly centered on looks, empty on the inside, not super useful and mostly overpriced…

  5. KevinOlive says:

    Why I bought my watch: fitness tracking. That's at most, 1.5 hours a day (biking). What I do the most: check the outside temp and the day of the week.

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