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  1. Filipe Maia says:

    I am about to finally give up sansung and go to Iphone loool hahaha it was a whole life with sansung since my first smart phone ! sansung smart phones break a lot they start to show problems with less than a year ! I've got angry times with them !

  2. Filipe Maia says:

    who am I <3 casting crowns ! OMG I love this song so much ! it was some of the first song I've learned how to sing in english. and I was playing this music this afternoon with my guitar :) you have a great taste for music !

  3. A. Christhiman says:

    I have the ipod 5 touch, when I go to make a video and post in the instagram story it closes alone, I do not know the reason, it must be because it is from an old version or something, but outside it is great…

  4. Adrian Walsh says:

    What’s your Pinterest account name I have a old account that I use to use so I could give you another follower

  5. Adrian Walsh says:

    You might want to change the title where it says iPod from ipod to iPod The P is supposed to be capitalized But great video Shelley

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