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  1. billyhatcher643 says:

    im glad i watch ur channel dude i just bought me a mac mini last year and its the 2011 mid refresh one that i use windows 7 on and i love the device its really nice and actually somewhat faster than my laptop is

  2. Robert Hladik Sr says:

    I have the 2008 Macbook, 2008 iMac, 2009 Mac Mini all running El Capitan. Oh & a 2007 Mac Pro running Lion. That machine is a beast…

  3. Riley Emel says:

    I have decided on the macbook! I dont care that there are no ports, its 2017 USE THE CLOUD. i love extreme portability, and its faster than an ipad air, so thats FINE.

  4. Dwarrior says:

    I am thinking of switching from PC and it was going to possible be to a Mac mini due to price. I might upgrade it at the time of purchase, because I have no real plans for upgrading it in the future so if that is the only draw back then it might still be ideal for me. I have more then enough monitors keyboards and mouses which I like.

  5. Swami says:

    can I get your email? I have one Q. I'm about to enroll in computer science field! I don't have any experience on programming. gonna start from CS50 (Harvard on edx) before college.

    which is better? Mac (El Capitan) or Windows 10?

    I'm not gamer. sometime play games for short time. primary aim is programming.

    I'm thinking to go for Python then Ruby then JavaScript!

    which is best for me? Mac or PC? if Mac, then which one (cause Pro 15 is way more expensive).

    Thank You!

  6. user77757 says:

    not less storage infact the MacBook 2015 and MacBook air both max out at 512gb of PCIE flash storage and the MacBook air starts at 128gb of flash storage and the MacBook 2015 starts at 256gb of flash storage

  7. Alorg says:

    Which apple computer should you buy? None. Build your own PC or Hackintosh. Not worth the money at all to buy a prebuilt computer no matter what company made them.

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