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  1. AppleInsider says:

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  2. lintang laili says:

    Hello.. can you help me ? Which one I need to choose between ipad 9.7" or ipad 10.5" for graphic design and illustration ? Thank you for help

  3. Mikael Meyerhöffer says:

    Isn’t harder while lying on the back to get back to home screen without the home button on the pro 11? That would be the biggest deal breaker for me.

  4. agofficial1 says:

    Which one is worth for internet browsing and video streaming? Must be atleast A9 or above!

  5. Smokey says:

    I need something with a lot of storage for videos and pictures, but I want to download on YouTube, I pad does have YouTube doesn't it? And I AlwaysThought they should put handles on the side of those things be so much easier to hold them also I want one with a keyboard and a stand. What do you recommend?

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