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  1. D. N. says:

    iPad pro doesn’t have a home button or headphone jack. The iPad mini does and it’s cheaper. Get the mini

  2. hard truth around says:

    After 5 minutes i can conclude you have a crush on the ipad pro…..but your arguments lack reality….pics you take with your iPhone or galaxy 10 or note 9…..or your DSLR…..not with a clumsy ipad…..who uses just the tablet for music???? You connect it to a blue tooth speaker like for example HK go and play…..so….to me not a real world user review….

  3. Moonytoons says:

    Since the iPad pro doesn't have a headphone jack, can you connect wireless headphones?

  4. NSK Sports says:

    what ipad is best bang for your buck ? used or new can be older version but still compatible with the apps like FB and twitter…. i haven't got a clue

  5. j oe says:

    I wanna buy iPad pro, now I need some help, how much is it now? And is it good for gaming? Is it good for video editing? Can it screen record from it self? Please help

  6. Blue_Wizard76 says:

    I’m considering replacing my 2016 9.7 inch iPad pro. Would the new iPad air be worth the money?

  7. Lingesh Lavan says:

    i work in audio professionally and was really leaning towards the 2018 ipad pro. My only issue is that IOS doesn't support many Digital audio workstations and many other music productions apps. would it still be a good idea to get the pro? i really like the pencil too! and some apps that i rely on work depend on IOS functionality like (yamaha stagemix for example) any input would be helpful thanks! :)

  8. Matthew Higgins says:

    Isn’t it sad the top of the line iPad Pro cost less then a new I phone XS plus?

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