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  1. 91 TA WS6 says:

    I bought a used IMEI blocked iPhone 6 Plus (was still under warranty) about 2 years ago for cheaper than the iPod touch. I already had smartphones and just wanted wifi capability and the larger screen and bigger storage were attractive to me. Even if that's not what you want, cheap generic MP3s can do what the low end iPods can do if not more. So yeah, I really don't see a point to any of these sadly.

    Tbh that's the way to go. Get a blacklisted iPhone for a fraction of the price and a used SIM to get past the initial startup and you've got a much more powerful iPod for the same price or cheaper. Just make sure it isn't cloud locked or blacklisted because of theft.

  2. kimberly booth says:

    im a fan of my smart phone i can multitask and listen to music while txting friends or playing a game

  3. Hannah Rego says:

    Umm the last time umm yeah WHEN I STARTIG WATCHING DIS VIDEO I use iPod cmon iPod squad

  4. Pink Gumball says:

    50$ for the shuffle and it's the cheapest product on apple ?!
    So how much is the dongle

  5. Alyssa Anderson says:

    maybe cause their cheap and useful som people can't afford the new iphones im still buing one in 2018

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