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  1. CasualPrince says:

    The iPod touch is for anyone under 19, who can’t sign a contract for a cheaper phone with a plan when their parents won’t, or can’t afford a phone for $1000 without a plan

  2. Trish Lamour says:

    The iPod touch has more (GBs) more storage for music than the iPhone. I only use it for music and needed something that holds over 6,000 songs the iPod is better for that.

  3. F.L.Watch says:

    "Why Does the iPod touch Still Exist?"

    Three words: No phone bills.

    And yeah, it makes a great cheap alternative to a phone for your kids that you don't have to pay for again.
    I should know, for I…own the 6th gen iPod Touch…

  4. We play Games says:

    LOL are used to watch thousands of hours of YouTube on a tiny iPod six display. I got three good years out of it and then it broke. Iolz

  5. xEpicGamer420x says:

    Bruh, iphone come far, X line is only unique iPhones after 6, and that was first after 3 and X is bad

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