Why doesn’t Apple just give on keeping osx a MAC exclusive?

Apple OSX Adam asked:

Don’t they realize that they would make a hell of lot more money then they do now?

Is it compatibility there worried about or do they just want to maintain a monopoly like state over the OS?

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  1. roo2 says:

    Apple considers themselves a hardware company, not a software company. Mac OS is part of what they use to sell their hardware. Also, hardware support and drivers are the biggest problems operating systems face, and the components most likely to be responsible for crashes and instability. Microsoft has to make sure that drivers for thousands of different devices work with their OS in various combinations. This takes up a huge amount of time and money. Apple avoids the problem by only writing drivers for their own hardware. By controlling the hardware, they keep the system stable. This is why Macs ‘just work’. If they allow their OS to be installed on any hardware, it would develop a reputation for being even less stable and reliable than Windows, since the Windows engineers have years of experience dealing with these issues.

    Besides, Microsoft loses billions of dollars to software piracy. That kind of loss would put Apple out of business fast.

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