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  1. Erb Olluri says:

    I honestly don’t care which ones better if like apple go for apple if u like android go for android the thing the pisses me off the most is when they insult u for having android or iPhone and with they fight with u because they disagree with your opinion

  2. Christopher Lee says:

    I nearly died when the Pizza Hut bit came up. You're a comedy genius. Looks like 14 fanboys downvoted you :) :) :) :) :)

  3. Big Penguin721 says:

    I hate android fanboys and crazy iPhone users but in my opinion I like Apple and don’t like android

  4. Yash Savla says:

    i liked the video for its entertainment aspect. hope tailosive tech doesnt react to your video or he'll f^/k your a#$

  5. SIR says:

    I agree. I can't stand Apple. I can't stand their products. I can't stand their name and logo. And above all, I can't stand their fanbase.

    Have you ever noticed that bullies nearly always happen to have an iphone instead of an android phone? Coincidence? I think not! Iphones are always owned by douchebags.

  6. tpar69 says:

    Actually no I'm watching this in the Samsung Galaxy 8 and 1/2 my friends either love apple or hate Apple

  7. M W says:

    In built redundancy, brainwashing an entire generation to become Apple zombies who accept monopolies as the norm and pay for the privilege of over paying for under performing shitty products made by sleepy below basic wage Chinese workers. FU Apple.

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