Why is M1 Chip on Apple so critical?


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The M1 chip is Apple’s new in-house processor. After years of development, the company released the first computers with their ARM-based M1 chip in November 2020. These include the M1 MacBook Air, M1 MacBook Pro, and M1 Mac mini. The company also launched a macOS Big Sur update with M1 optimizations in April 2021.

What is an M1 chip?

What is an M1 chip?

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Before the launch, Apple had been using multiple Intel chips for Macs since 2006. While Intel chips are built on x86 architecture, the M1 chip is built on an ARM-based architecture similar to the A-series chips that Apple uses for their newer iPhones and iPads.

The M1 chip integrates different components, such as CPU, GPU, and unified memory architecture (RAM), to enable different features in the new Mac computers. As a result, the M1 chip is faster and more efficient than the old Intel chips.

Although the company’s high-end Intel computers are still capable of superior GPU performance, buyers are looking into the newer models as the tech company transitions the rest of their lineup into updated Apple Silicon chips.

Why is it so important?

Why is it so important?

The M1 chip is an important development because it changes the way computers handle essential computations. Most PCs in the market come with several computing components to handle different processing tasks, regardless of whether they run Windows or macOS.

These components include the CPU, which handles computations used for basic tasks like running apps and browsing the internet. The GPU, which processes graphics computations and outputting signals to your screen or monitor.

For many large desktops, the CPU and GPU are separate components that connect to the motherboard. On the other hand, smaller systems like laptops often have a single component called integrated graphics processing that combines the CPU and GPU into a single component.

In contrast, other components, such as storage, memory, and cache, occupy different areas on the motherboard.

M1 Chip’s CPU Performance

M1 Chip's CPU Performance

The M1 chip is a single system on a chip (SoC) instead of collecting separate processing parts. Its unified memory architecture enables multiple processor components to access the same data pool without copying…