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  1. Bella SMH says:

    This was helpful! Thank you so much! I’m getting my Apple Watch tommrow since I ordered it and now I know the real reason I got it!

  2. the one is here says:

    Im convinced. I first thought these were pointless but now i see how useful it can be

  3. ronald steiger says:

    Your videos are great
    What software do you use to edit your videos and where do you get your choice of music
    Thanks in advance for your reply

  4. 3zo_oze - says:

    The Apple Watch is great , but it is expensive. I would rather use my phone to check notifications instead (:

  5. S Tra says:

    After watching this video, I realized Apple Watch is pretty much useless, unless you’re a nerd, like the guy in the video. “Like, OMG, you need this watch because you can look at notifications”. Are you seriously going to take out your phone out of your back pocket in a business meeting and then look at it? Ummm, yes, idiot, we all keep our phones in the back pockets at all times. Most people keep their phone on the table in a business meeting or elsewhere and if you use your phone for the business, then you don’t want to miss something important anyway, so yeah, you’ll look at it. OMG mommy is calling, I need to answer right now, because I’m too retarded to call someone back if I don’t get a chance to take the call. If all features are covered in this video, then this watch is useless.

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