WILL APPLE OSx Tiger or Leopard run on a PC?

Apple OSX The Tank asked:

Now that Apple are using Intel Duel Core processors and can also run XP on their iMac I was wondering if their Operating Systems will run on a modern similar;y equipped PC.
Sensible answers please, there are already too many brain-dead idiots abusing this Answers forum.

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  1. agent-X says:

    Not sure if the new MAC-OSX will support PC’s as well but it will be a very good deployment for Apple. Microsoft is a monopol so having to compete with Mac-OS on PC’s will benefit us all.
    I really want this to happen but I have some doubts about it… Even if they will make it available for PC’s it will take some time for users to adapt to it.. One problem remains though… Why didn’t Apple do this sooner? (because the partnership with Intel didn’t happen now…).

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