Wipe and Encrypt Mac Files on Apple Silicon M1 Chip Computers with Jetico Solutions


Jetico, developer of best-in-class data wiping and data encryption software, has today announced support for Apple’s first own Mac processor. With this update, BCWipe and BestCrypt Container Encryption can now wipe and encrypt Mac files on computers with the Apple silicon M1 chip.

“The first Apple M1-powered computers are out. Yet for now, it seems most wiping and encryption tools have not supported this new chip,” says Jetico CEO, Michael Waksman. “At Jetico, our mission has always been to empower users with the latest technology – and this timely update for Mac computers is no exception. BestCrypt and BCWipe customers can now continue to protect their sensitive files on new Mac hardware without interruption.”

Starting in late 2020, Apple’s new laptops and desktop computers will move away from Intel-based processors. The new devices will adopt hardware built by Apple using the same ARM architecture incorporated in phones and tablets. This transition is expected to be complete in about two years.

When upgrading to Apple’s M1 chip, existing Jetico users must download and install the latest versions of the software:
– BCWipe – Download
– BestCrypt Container Encryption – Download

“For seamless migration, Jetico offers a single software that maintains compatibility across older and newer architectures,” explains Waksman. “This new update brings peace of mind to organizations that handle a variety of devices without impacting their normal workflow.”

An active software license is required for support and maintenance, including updates without added costs. Customers with an expired license can renew their subscription in Jetico’s Online Store. To take advantage of Jetico’s Holiday Special – a 10% discount* on all encryption and wiping software – enter the coupon code YourHealth in Jetico’s Online Store after clicking ‘Redeem Coupon Code’. This special deal is valid through the end of December 2020.

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