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  1. Perry Johnson says:

    Hey bro why are you playing all your own personal shit not all viewers like that crap . Spotify sucks HomePod sucks it doesn’t work on a captive portal network which is bullshit Apple ain’t telling you this all they want is you to give them the money

  2. Sports & Tech 876 says:

    apple home pod hey siri needs updates google home mini winning siri needs to be updated hey siri dont know alot of things at all, come on apple do better siri needs to be updated been years now i miss jobs

  3. Sammy_ Rocks says:

    Just a heads up I had one and return it , its over hype ,he is over reacting not worth the money, wait awhile apple is going to have a bunch off open box for a lot cheaper. Nice dance moves thought lol

  4. Dash of Ting says:

    Are we going to see those huge spiders? lol And cool speaker! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. Ferry Gunadi says:

    Just one question.. does the sound quality change with the streaming service you’re using? I mean is it only sound best when playing from Apple Music vs Spotify or Souncloud using the same music? Considering Siri on Homepod only support Apple Music. I’m concerned that certain songs only sounds great when streamed with it, maybe because it has more sound analysis, metadata or whatever?

  6. Joseph Cox says:

    – Apple does not say that the HomePod is a “smart speaker” it just says it’s a SIRI enabled speaker. First an foremost they promote the HomePod as a speaker to play AppleMusic on. If you would like to experience multi room play on several HomePods before the iOS update is released just use your Mac with iTunes and in the AirPlay selector just select as many HomePods you would like to pump your music to. If you wish to experience stereo with two HomePods just use the $29 (USD) app on your Mac called AirFoil and set one up as your left channel and the other as your right.

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