World’s first foldable iPhone wasn’t made by Apple


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Custom foldable iPhone built by Aesthetic Tech YouTube channel

After over 200 days of trial and error, an engineer was able to create a folding iPhone using custom parts and a hinge from a Motorola Razr.

The video shows the engineer’s step-by-step process to dismantle what turned out to be dozens of iPhone screens, cut apart a donor device’s case, and rebuild it as a foldable. They tested multiple hinge types from phones like the Galaxy Z Flip, but they chose a Motorola Razr hinge for its “small” display crease.

A combination of engineering ingenuity, trial-and-error on delaminating Apple’s iPhone screen, and some 3D-printed parts brought the folding iPhone to life. Many space-saving decisions had to be made to ensure the device was functional.

Touch functionality continued to work fine, and iOS ran normally. However, the engineers wanted a foldable-friendly interface, so they installed custom software via jailbreak that was aware of the folded display.