Xiaomi when will you stop copying Apple’s UI?


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Xiaomi is one of the most popular Chinese smartphone brands outside China. The company kicked off in 2010 as an internet company. However, in 2011, it released its first smartphone and since then, it has been steadily climbing the ladder. Xiaomi regularly makes the top 5 smartphone brand globally and it is the number one smartphone brand in many markets. However, Xiaomi has a long history of “copying”. Over the years, the company has released a couple of devices or systems that feel more like a copy of Apple.

The latest of these is the gross resemblance between the iOS 15 and the recently released MIUI 13. However, before we go into this, let us look at a few times that Xiaomi has copied Apple. The 2014 Xiaomi Mi 4 feels like a direct copy of the Apple iPhone 5. In fact, at the launch event, Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, even used the “One More Thing” phrase which was popularized by Apple’s Steve Jobs at the time. Fast forward to 2018, Xiaomi released the Mi 8 which was described as a “blatant rip-off” of the Apple iPhone X. The Xiaomi Mi Pad, MIUI 9 gestures, and wallpaper, Xiaomi airdots, MIUI 6, Xiaomi ads, Xiaomi Mi Box, and other products copied Apple in one way or another.

MIUI 13 and iOS 15 – what are the similarities

Back to the MIUI 13, many of its elements (the User Interface) copies iOS 15. If we can use the phrase “copy and paste”, it may describe the situation between MIUI 13 and iOS 15. The changes on the MIUI 13 are not enough to make it much different from iOS 15. In all honesty, it is not entirely bad to copy something that is good. However, this looks more like a rip-off and it makes Xiaomi look empty.

The Control Center is a complete rip-off without any originality from Xiaomi’s end. MIUI 13 tried to introduce some tweaks to the Widgets but we can still see the iOS 15 elements. Unlike MIUI 12.5, the Control Center of the MIUI 13 is just a copy of iOS 15. The status bar, the icon’s design, and size are also a copy of iOS 15.

Xiaomi Vs Apple

However, some Android fanboys argue that Xiaomi just takes “inspiration” from Apple’s system. They claim that Xiaomi is “better”, cheaper, and has a similar premium feel….