You can now get Manga webtoons in Apple Books — but only in Japan


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Readers in Japan can now buy vertical reading Manga, or webtoons, from a new Apple Books section which includes titles exclusive to Apple.

Apple is continuing to expand its Apple Books offering, following up its controversial AI audiobooks feature with a potentially much more popular addition — exclusively in Japan. What Apple Books describes as “vertical reading manga,” and is popularly known as webtoons, now get their own page in the store.

“The popularity of vertical reading manga in Japan is increasing,” said Apple Japan in a statement (in translation). “Japanese customers are already enjoying books, audiobooks, and manga at Apple Books, and we are happy to be able to provide a more fulfilling entertainment experience with the newly added ‘Vertical Reading Manga’ page.”

At launch, Apple Books Japan includes daily episodes from serialized webtoons, plus exclusives.

“Japanese customers can access the ‘Vertical Reading Manga’ page from the ‘Manga Store’ tab of the Apple Books application on iPhone, iPad, and Mac,” continues Apple.

The new page is currently only available in Japan. Apple has not announced whether it will be coming to the US or other territories.