Your Mac *does* need antivirus software. Here are your best bets.


Protect Your Access to the Internet

illustration of a sick macbook with soup and tissues

illustration of a sick macbook with soup and tissues

You’ve probably heard that Macs don’t need antivirus software. Whoever told you that was wrong.

The idea that Macs are generally more secure than a Windows PC isn’t totally off-base. Windows does tend to have more security vulnerabilities which is why there are so many great antivirus programs for Windows 10. That’s because Apple does everything in-house, while Windows operates on hardware from a handful of manufacturers. Apple’s closed-loop system simply makes holes smaller and harder to infiltrate.

But that doesn’t mean Mac’s security is hole-free. Antivirus software is still a worthwhile purchase for any Mac user. That’s why we’ve taken a look at the best antivirus for Mac so that you’re protected from online threats.

Do hackers prefer Macs or PCs?

It’s been a handful of years since Apple revealed that PC has it beat popularity-wise (by about four times, or 300 million active users). Apple’s been chomping away at the market share, but still, fewer people own Mac devices. Fewer Mac owners, fewer targets for criminals, right? Hackers are obviously more likely to create malware that’ll affect more people’s computers rather than spend extra time working around a tricky OS that fewer people have installed. Even antivirus for Android phones is needed now thanks to their extensive popularity, so Macs are fine, right?

Just like TikTok warns that the chances of your cat killing you are few but never zero, the chances of hackers deliberately going after Mac users are few, but never zero. MacBooks are the it-tech of the moment. They’re the cool laptop to have and flaunt like a cool bag or pair of shoes, especially for students getting their first laptop. Hackers have zeroed in on this so you’re going to need malware protection among other features.

They also know that most Mac owners are under the impression that their laptops — or iPads, which have surged Mac OS’s prevalence big-time — are invincible, and therefore might not bother to arm their Mac or iPad with any type of virus defense. They know that population isn’t paying attention. Big mistake. Huge in fact when virus protection is essential for all.

So it’s terrifying yet not…